Tuesday 18 February 2014

List of confirmed vendors

Hello hello.. finally finished migrating from irritating wordpress and back to blogger. I swear I no nuts to customise wordpress (every click I turn to, must pay here and there. Leceh lah) so I'm back to blogger because I use to blog on blogspot before. Now that I'm back on blogger, I have linked up all my previous blogs for entertainment purposes. Its nice to reminisce from secondary school days up to poly, and then suddenly there's an empty space between the years just because I got too caught up with work and there was seriously nothing to note down. I didnt want to remember those days unblogged due to personal reasons as well.

So anyway for my side I have finally confirmed the important things! (well almost) Right now this entry serves as a reminder for myself to print out the invoices for filing and to send back to them. My printer is not working as efficiently as I'd like it lah, thats why..

Deco: Elly Weddings

Ya my entries about deco so panjang lebar this and that but in the end, I just decided to settle for Elly even without going to other deco companies. Ok fine, I'm a little kiasu actually. I only liked Elly, Comel Molek and Kalau Ade Jodoh (KAJ). Budget wise, CM is really up there. So it was between EW and KAJ. I was hoping that KAJ would be able to set appointment with me and confirm it end of January but I only confirmed my availability a week before and .. *bam* didnt set a date until a few days ago when they finally replied. By then I already confirmed with EW because I believe they can do a good job like KAJ/CM standard, insyaAllah. I mean, they have that 'vision' of what I wanted. I met up with Lisa at almost the last minute because, as usual, shop schedule very uncertain, and I really enjoyed talking to her and what I want. She emailed me the quotation and design conceptualization and I can totally change my choice anytime for now. The thing that made me continously go back to choosing them is that they had just finished their "Dreamers Soiree" event, and I happened to flip to the last page of the quotation booklet and they had this "free 6 wedding trays" promotion if you sign up with them. Obviously we didnt manage to go to the event cos we havent decided to get married hehe. Tried my luck asking her and she said she'll have to ask her director, Izyan and guess what? It was A-OK! AND because I did enquire with them last year, the prices are much different if you compare with their current price. Double alhamdulillah. I have the whole year this year to see what they can and will come out with and will stalk them at every event :P

Catering: Puteri Wedding Services

Going to meet the salesperson on Thursday (just put down the phone with him!) and stop mine, my mom's and sis' pening kepala. Initially we (actually more like my mom and sis cos they're the ones looking for the best catering) already glad to get Maria's Le Caterer, which, according to my sis, is super awesome and have the same standard as Puteri Wedding Services (PWS). Food quality and spread is really awesome.

Image by Maria's Le Caterer

HOWEVER, they overlooked our date and only after getting hyped up about it, the salesperson apologized that she made a mistake. Hampa. But no sweat lah, let's just get PWS even though we had them during my sister's wedding in 2010. Food was good and presentation was tiptop. Sister recommended another caterer but they dont have Facebook to prove their capabilities! 

PWS at my sister's wedding in 2010.

Andaman: Versari Ade
Blogged about it before this and we finally just go for it. But now I'm a little hesistant. Not because they are not good. I'm looking for the newer socket dress that alot of new bridals have, while Versari have the traditional songket (which I totally love by the way). It's just that I dont plan to change into 2 outfits during sanding and to wear songket the whole day from 130-5 may sound a little.. I don't know. Is it going to be weird? Nevermind, shall think about this more soon.

Photography+Videography: Pixelmuse Photography
Blogged about them below already

Dulangs: Elly Weddings
Entertainment: Sri Mahligai
Kompang: Tak ingat lah, the boy booked them lol

Just as you thought I'm done with the 'major' things, the most most important thing that we cannot confirm on is.......venue. WHICH, I will continue to research in the next entry.

Other things to settle slowly, one at a time, research research research:-
1. Kad Kahwin
2. Berkat for Kids and Adults
3. Itinerary for the day
4. Colours/theme
5. Colour of bridesmaids' dresses
6. Wedding band
8. Kursus rumahtangga
9. Barang dulang

That's all for now. If only I can just nikah and done with it. But I also want to wear nice2 (mentel).

Saturday 1 February 2014

If you like it put a ring on it

And that is why I think engagements should be a small and minimal affair. Because really there’s nothing big about it if you don’t blow the occasion up and then feel all stressed up ala bridzilla. Cos you’re not a bride yet and there’s nothing much to be discussed about (ok some people do discuss in detail about the actual wedding but shouldnt that be a private affair?). Thats why ours is kept minimal… or so I thought.
I only asked GM to be there for me cos initially it was 3 aunts and 1 uncle, and his parents and brother. My sis and BIL were to be in JKT and bro was supposed to be working. And all adults and me being the young one, of course I needed support! Just to feel a little bit relaxed. So I asked for 4 GM to be around but we bought last minute tickets to the Lionsxii match that day, almost all of them turned up. No hal really. And then my aunt brought my cousin and husband and niece and another cousin came and everyone just terberanak lah. His family brought the kids as well so my humble place was pretty packed and noisy but I still love it! Its just family and bestfriendszzzz.


Nothing much was discussed because we already pre-planned it. This is just the official ‘sarung cincin’ ceremony to make our relationship official. Official meaning can put on Facebook and declare each other as future spouses insyaAllah if panjang umur (told him that the reason why I do not put my status publicly or photos of us together is because tak manis lah kan.. even after the relationship change also I am not that comfortable….yet). But atleast can tell people that I kena chop already hurhur.
Then at night we went over to Jalan Besar and catch Lionsxii VS Pahang and …. we lost. But atleast we managed to have a selfie with Fandi!!!!!!! Fangirl Fanboy moment!! I started to run after Fandi when he said “eh keep cool ah relek ah”. Eh if I tak lari we wouldnt be able to get THIS K
Shy ah our fat faces

And yeah we did it! As in get engaged and starting a future together. Never in a million years would I have thought and dream of this day to happen. But alhamdulillah.

Thursday 30 January 2014

The meetings have started

Even before getting engaged officially, we have sourced and met up with some of the vendors that we may be interested in. Well, actually as of now we have already secured our photography, videography and for HIS side, basically EVERYTHING. Mine? Soon soon I hope.
His side: Full booking done at Charisma D’ Venue. Personally I feel the place is a little small but his side is not expecting 1000 pax. Even though we have met them twice and they mentioned that it is possible as the timing is spread over 7 hours, I still need to see it to believe it heh. Anyway I’m just going to be there to smile and be a pengantin, and I know their food is AWESOME. As long as I get to eat and be in aircon the whole day, no sweat! ;P
So who did we book for photo+video? Well we just decided on Pixelmuse Photography. Saw their works on FB and Instagram before, and when we went down to EXPO their portfolio and albums caught our eyes. Over there we met with the videographers (2 sets of couples; 1 doing photo the other doing video) and the lady explained to us quite briefly regarding their packages. Pretty and dreamy. Plus their photovideo package was within our range (did we have a budget? Hahaha he’s paying for it! :P) but I didnt want him to burst his pockets lah. I was hesitant at first cos for video I really loved DVMP’s, but they do not have an attractive package.. almost $4k for just photovideo. I didnt like Pixelmuse’ video as much as DVMP but I guess I’m willing to settle for something similar. Its not bad, but not as awesome haha cukup2 lah. Then the second time we just wanted to look at their albums again so we went to their house (this time its the photography’s couple Yani and husb) which was just around the corner of my place! Good news so they dont have any reason to be late on the actual day. So after looking through and discussing further we placed the deposit there and then! Finally one thing of our minds. Just to settle on ONE part is causing us to pening already. Here’s some of their works from Facebook:
NOT bad right? So I hope they do a good job for ours, like in 14 months time? Hahahahaha tunggu bro tunggu.
Next was trying to decide on bridal. I am particular about shawl styling and pakaian muslimah. I dont want to wear something thats supposed to be revealing and then wearing a tshirt underneath. PANAS TAU TAK. And apa kene dengan bridal yang buat orang pakai baju sleeveless see through abeh pakai tudung? Ketiak tak shave pon nampak. BINGIT. So need to find those yang really cater to us. I only know of 1 bridal that has almost everything under the sun and their collections are very extensive that you will hyperventilate when you enter their showroom. Versari Ade! My sister took them 3 years ago and my mom couldnt stop raving about their ranges and stuffs. So we set an appointment and true enough, we already spot the colours that we are planning to wear. And they cater up to XL so I have to lose weight and not get any fatter. The lady ( Kak Aishah I think) who talked to us actually took a look at my butt hahaha tengok punggong besar ke tak and if can muat, and she said can, just dont go any bigger -_____-” I WAS A SIZE 10 K. WAS is the word. Make up wise, they have 10 mak andams so we have to choose which mak andam to take. Ingat pening kepala can stop there, just take Versari and thats all. But I am waiting for quotations from Peti Solek cos I like their makeups and bajus. We’ll see.
Initially I was so set to take Ishq by Nora Zee. Followed Naz during her appointment and after listening to her and read through her packages, not really suitable for our event of 2 days. We’ll definitely need to top up here and there for the hours, so it’s so gonna cost more than VA. And compare their collections (yes they’re new) might as well just go for VA. Nora is a nice lady but I feel that since now she’s really hot in demand, she wasn’t selling her packages, just showing and more of ‘you want you take I dont need to sell it’.. maybe thats just how I felt lah during the appointment. I may have to cancel mine after this since high chances I’m not engaging her.
We also went to Kahwin Kawin Bridal and Trading at Jalan Pinang. That place is puaka k belakang Fluff Bakery jer. Nasib appointment petang and cupcakes pon soldout. GOOD. So my first impression was… she talks too fast and too much. We spent 15 minutes just muting ourselves and listen to her speak. Well she was explaining about how she runs the business which was okay, but abit too long. Tend to cut in at times but at the end of it she’s a nice lady. Her packages (photo and bridal) is really attractive. Saw her photos and its nicely done and her collections, well, ada jugak I berkenan. However I cant seem to find alot of reviews about this company and me being me, everything must have reviews one. Thing is that when I told one of my vendor that I may consider her, she said nooo hahaha because of the makeup. But I did like it, maybe its the photoeditting. Hehe. She’s running a one-woman show so my concern was that she may be running around too much to execute her job properly. We’ll see.
So thats abourrit for bridal. We are very inclined to go Versari cos he likes the baju alot and confirm can find something that we like. Seriously felt like macam baru masok Kleinfield ala ala Say yes to the dress. We have to confirm it very very soon!
Ok next I’ll document my meeting with a deco company. Yeah I only went to meet 1 of them, even though the ones below are what I really really liked. But I guess I’ll settle for them! Have to mandi and GONG XI FAT CHOY!

Tuesday 7 January 2014

Feast for the eyes

I think I am one fickle (or maybe just making sure that I reaaaaaaaally like what I am going to engage in) minded person when it comes to planning for something. Like going for holiday for example (Perth 2012) I really made sure that each step is planned properly in the itinerary and that I only go to the best reviewed places. Maybe some might think that I’m such a boring or rigid person but no lor, I really wanna utilise time and budget properly. So no surprises here when I’m planning for the wedding. But I keep reminding myself that preparing for marriage is more important than the wedding itself, even though I’d be lying if I’m not stressed about money and planning for that one day event. I hope that during this journey I can also continue to increase my Imaan by going to whatever classes that I can, insyaAllah. But first I need to go back to a full-time job for extra cash because I cannot just depend on the business because business is business and its family’s. Cannot anyhow.

So far what I have found the list of vendors (deco) that I may consider, since I have somewhat confirmed where it will be (MPH!) which should cost less than $200. Nak do at CC segala troublesome because of the cooking and deco for CC is usually so ex for the ones that I like.. so lets just go biasa.

1. Comel Molek (4.5)
Some of the deco from them that I can actually consider. Oh and their rental of tiffany chairs is probably the cheapest around! But of course it must come with their package (i think)
I usually do not favour these drapes along the isle but the fairy lights make them okay! Since this is at an MPH I think its similar to the MPH that I’m planning to book. 
THIS COLOUR IS AWESOME KEBABAI! I’m thinking that pink/purple is so common already, I want something fresh (heck, even my room colour Tiffany is becoming so common. I feel like repainting my room already wahahaha) and this emerald is gorgeous T_T
I think I know why I really like Comel Molek. Because alot of their pelamins are open concept. I cannot tahan palang2 because some people may get cut off during phototaking. I love the clean and open concept. 
This combination is a yes for me too. The more I see their photos the more I’m falling in love. BUT one thing that I cannot tahan is the floral arrangements. I dont like. I only like this type of floral arrangements/pots/whatever you call them

But this is done by Kasai Sayang though. See that balls of green plants (HAHA)? Ya I only like it that way. And I’m particular about them I dont know why lah. It looks more kemas right, rather than those terjojol kind of plants. I would’ve loved to engage Kasai if not for their sudden increase in prices. 2 of GM engaged/engaging Kasai and if I were to engage them, its almost 1.2-1.4k more. Which is very saddening!!
Oh and most importantly, ComelMolek has like a range of chairs that we really like (chairs can make or break the look k).

2. Daundco (3.5)
This looks like a mess. But minus those weeds in the middle, a bigger chair and a longer front platform, I would actually like this.
I’m not sure if I actually like this, or if I like it enough.
I can like this, change to a love chair (isit called a love chair?) instead of separate seats.
I will like this even more if their canopy is much higher than the one in the photo, maybe minus the frame in the middle but just more greens, and then with paper flowers (like the previous entries). If cannot I think this is okay.

3. RS Wedding Gallery (New)
Yup, they’re pretty new in the industry, was introduced by one of the milahtants because since they’re new their quotations are quite reasonable. I really like their deco as well (So far they only did 2). In the quotation email they mentioned that they are customisable and will plan according to their clients’ wants. Soooo I’m wondering if they can do what I like. But what do I like? Hahaha now I’m confused. 
Clean and simple. Maybe can add abit more colours but this was what their clients wanted. If my fellow milahtant engages them I will see how it turns out hehe.
OK I’ll research more when Ive the time. One of the milahtant is going to labour by today! Too excited!

Wednesday 4 December 2013

Research jer....

Just hopping around to get inspirations for the wedding (insyaAllah) and found these….. Totally totally inlove macam nak sekarang jugak! But in SG which deco company can do and pull such a decoration besides Kasai Syg? I am not exactly considering them for now because of the sudden jump in their prices. Yeah cos 2 other friends engaged them the year before and suddenly the prices become as competitive as Jentayu. Anyway for fun’s sake and maybe who knows some deco company CAN up their game to do something like this for mine T___T I got so excited that I just dropped them a PM saying that I totally love their deco but its too far away *extends hand sampai KL/DUBAIImage*

How simple is this?!! Its simple yet elegant. Like they say, less is more. 


Thursday 28 November 2013

Hello first post!

Hello! Havent been blogging for a very long time due to the boring life I’m currently in. Boring aper, dah tak se-fun as my teenage years back in LIvejournal where time was all we had and homeworks and schools were our only problems. As we stepped into our twenties, realised that we all had more and more commitments and work was , and is still making us more tired and less fun.  Sad reality kan?
Anyway not going to talk about money issues or work or bender sewaktu dengannya. The reason why I’m having this is to collate my research and findings for the future wedding insyaAllah. This will be my 4th blog, first blog I manage to document my kental secondary school days, 2nd blog was more to poly life and love life. 3rd blog was made because of my bad breakup of a 5 1/2yr relationship so as to move on with my music life, b lo co and performances which led me to meet the one I will marry insyaAllah.
Since I’m on a roll talking to myself (huhuhu), never would I have thought that I will, if God permits and if everything goes well, will I be marrying this guy. Why? I was serious in the relationship when we first started, like THATS IT THIS IS THE ONE. But I was only.. 20? I was so confident thats why I intro him to my mom only months into the relationship. But things got very very very sour, he made some very huge mistakes that I was so heartbroken and we fought so much verbally and physically.. its like api and minyak you know.. this period was my most angry and sad period of my life. I didnt want to continue and I will cry and whine that I want OUT of this relationship. But he didnt want to let me go despite his mistakes, he was persistent in keeping me with him. Then I began to ‘lose hope’ on leaving and stayed on “because I had no way out”. Yes it was that bad.
But over time, I think we became more matured. And after he quit his second job we spent alot of time together. I had always du’a “if he is meant to be, please make me feel it and show it”. During that time I also started to feel more close to him and realise that.. he’s not perfect and neither am I. But I slowly had stronger feelings for him and confirmed that ok, yes he’s the one. After the DOWNS that I went through over the years, I started to see things started to pick up.. he started to mature more and we began to be more ‘normal’ and ‘cool’ when having disagreements. No more going physical insyaAllah (HAHA). Even verbally so far alhamdulillah. 
So finally when he changed to his 3rd job and got his first pay.. on the 27th of November 2013 we were walking around Vivocity casually. Before that we had already looked for wedding bands.. yeah dah start to plan lah. Initially we just wanted to skip the whole tunang-with-cincin but some traditions we cannot run away from. So tuptup he paid the 50% deposit for the ring. Yes engagement ring. On that day. I’m still a lil half-hearted because I feel like I havent seen enough engagement rings! (only wedding bands) and didnt know what to expect. But kept consoling ourselves that its just a ‘ring’ and a ‘tanda’ that he wants to chop me. If rezeki lebih in future we can always upgrade or change. 
28/11, our 5yr 2 months (GEEZ this is for BLOGGING PURPOSES HOR I usually dont bother about all these monthsaries thingajy) he blurted out to my mom that he wanted to marry me and bring his parents over. Then my mom told me to make it either next yr Jan or Feb because now its already going to be Dec and it’ll probably be rushing? I have to call my eldest uncle down to meet his parents because my dad… well.. lets save that for another entry.
So thats about it! If all goes well…….. we’re targetting March 2015. Cos Feb 2015 one of the milahtants dah chop.. Hehehe. OK dah.